High Heeled Catfights

-featuring Alexis Kay Lee-


Well dressed women dominate
each other in sexy catfights.
Special requests welcome.






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2018-05-24 (32 photos) 
By now the girls high heels are completely covered and saturated in mud....
2018-05-17 (30 photos) 
Both girls high heels are almost unrecognizable, completely covered in mud....
2018-05-10 (26 photos) 
Alexis forces Rileys mud filled high heel back onto her foot, squishing all the mud between her toes back out of the shoe....
2018-05-03 (25 photos) 
Riley takes her own high heeled shoe off to pour even more mud all over Alexis. By now Alexis expensive boots are sunken completely into the mud, and only once in a while one of her pointy toes appears above the surface....
2018-02-15 (23 photos from the archives) 
Spy Vs Spy Bondage. That is, only until White Spy enjoys herself so much she lets her guard down only briefly. Black Spy takes the opportunity to tie her up in her hose so she is helpless while getting her white suit and high heels completely soaked....
2018-02-08 (24 photos from the archives) 
The spies having so much fun with their upskirt shooting, actually not the shooting as much as the receiving, they seem start to enjoy each others company....
2018-02-01 (24 photos from the archives) 
Sexy spy upskirt. Now the girls have turned their wet weapons up each others skirts, giving each other nicely soaked panties....
2018-01-25 (30 photos from the archives) 
The strategy of sexy spy catfight has turned to boob wetting! What better defense than wet boobs?...