High Heeled Catfights

-featuring Alexis Kay Lee-


Well dressed women dominate
each other in sexy catfights.
Special requests welcome.






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2017-11-16 (22 photos) 
After Suzanne drags Brianna out to the backyard she notices she's gotten her shoes dirty. She steps all over the delicate parts of Brianna's body and her new leather boots with her dirty high heels. She has Brianna at her mercy, on her knees, boots in the mud begging her to stop but just keeps kicking her in the sexiest places....
2017-11-02 (42 photos) 
The girls continue their water fight until their clothes are completely soaked and feet are sloshing around in their thigh high boots completely filled with water....
2017-10-26 (40 photos) 
A Wetlook Girls fully dressed water fight, thigh high boots and all....
2017-10-19 (25 photos) 
Alexis surprises Danica, rips her stockings, takes her shoe and pours cold water down her blouse with it. The girls soon realize how silly that is and finally do make up, completely soaked, shoes and outfits wrecked....
2017-07-20 (26 photos from the archives) 
The girls and the crew meet early in the morning for the planned photo shoots. They have a long day of work ahead of them but you would not know it by their choice of footwear and outfits. Fashion photographers and models are not the sensible shoe type. Yes, those are Louboutins....
2017-07-13 (32 photos from the archives) 
Kristen rips off Brianna's pantyhose, steps on her pussy and grinds it with the sole of her shoe. Brianna is completely helpless though its unclear if her moans are of pain or pleasure. Kristen then steps all over her exposed breasts covering them with mud. When she's satisfied Brianna's learned her lesson, she allows her to get up and bring what's left of her shoes to her. Brianna's a mess. Her clothes, shoes, pussy and tits are covered with mud and her pantyhose is ripped to shreds....
2017-07-06 (29 photos from the archives) 
Kristen cleans her shoes by wiping them on Brianna dress. Then she kicks her in the pussy over and over until the sole separates from her shoe. Furious, she walks over to Brianna's shoes and stomps them into the mud as Brianna watches helplessly....
2017-06-29 (29 photos from the archives) 
Kristen's really mad now because she got her own shoes muddy when she was shoving Brianna around. What's worse, as they continue to struggle, Kristen breaks a heel. Now she's really mad and forces Brianna to her knees and kicks her in the pussy. Then she steps on Brianna's ass, forcing her into the mud and ruining her dress....